Embossed business cards on thick cotton paper.
Deep deboss thanks to a smooth surface in the place of stamping nicely contrasts with the raw surface of the paper.

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Business cards on thick cotton paper, which is very thick and "plump".
The thickness of approx 1 mm (thicker than a plastic credit cards), grammage 450 gsm.

Thanks to its interesting rough surface and low density of paper is well suited to embossing using typographic method - called "Letterpress".
The resulting print thanks to a smooth surface in the place of stamping and deep concavity nicely contrasts with the raw surface of the paper.


Very old printing method. It is called "typography".
Nowadays is experiencing its second youth because of the many new paper stocks and the renaissance of the "vintage" style.
The most interesting of the new materials is the cotton paper used in our printhouse, which is very impressive to the touch and is so "plump" that can easily imprint on it various patterns.

We recommend performing this technique to typical one sided projects.
This is because of the fact that pressing influences the on the back side of the paper.
Debossed elements makes the backside surface of the paper more flattened and it does not have its original natural roughness.


Screen printing is a technique of applying ink through a special screen that acts as a "mask".
The paint is applied only in places where the surface of the screen is porous and translucent through.
For each color a separate screen is preparing and each color is applied in a separate process.
You can choose any of the Pantone colours.
Printing may coincide with a pattern that is pressed (embossed), but not required. All depends on your idea.

Hot Stamping

Spot foiling applied with hot stamp on the card.
With this method we cover selected areas with metalic coloured foil.
Very clear shiny elements attract attention thanks to a completely different reflection of light.
We can use various colors, such as gold, silver, and other metallic character films.




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If it isn't specified we assume that you'll provide us the graphics to print.


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