Wide variety of art papers and almost all of the available techniques and finishings.
Individualized needs, sophisticated tastes, the most fashionable styles.

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The main advantage of the hand made exclusive business cards is the wide variety of art papers and almost all of the available techniques and finishings.

This is the most versatile product which allows to meet the most requirements of customers.
Below you can find a samples of the colours of stamping foils and special browser for art papers that can be used to produce your unique business cards.

Individualized needs, sophisticated tastes, the most fashionable styles - all of this is possible thanks to our exclusive hand-executed business cards.

Layering - a parameter that determines how many layers of paper a business card will consist of.
Layers of different types of paper can be combined with each other (glued).

2 Layers

We will then get a thick and stiff business card with a total basis weight of about 600 gsm. If we use different papers, we will get a business card with different surfaces on the front and back.
They can be layers of the same type of paper of different color or completely different.

3 Layers

We then receive a business card with a weight of approx. 900 gsm. You can then get the effect of the so-called "sandwiches", where the middle layer has a different color than the outer layers.
Of course, the middle layer can only be seen from the edge.

4 Layers

The business card is then very thick. The total weight is about 1200 gsm.
The middle layers, similarly to the 3-layer version, can be used to obtain a "sandwich" effect, but with much thicker "filling".

Screen Printing

This is technique of applying paint through a special sieve that acts as a "mask".
The paint is applied only in places where the surface of the screen is porous and transparent.
A separate sieve is prepared for each color and is a separate process. Colors can be selected from basic Pantone palette.

Hot Stamping

Thanks to this method, you can apply metallic foil to selected places.
Very clear shiny elements attract attention thanks to a completely different reflection of light.
You can use films of different colors, gold, silver, and others with a metallic or holographic character.


Highlighting any element with an individually prepared matrix.
It can be a logo, ornament, text, graphic sign or any shape.
If the embossing is performed on only one layer of paper, the concavity is visible on the reverse.
The visible concavity effect is avoided when later laminating, i.e. gluing two or more layers of paper.

Spot UV

Covering selected surfaces with UV curing varnish.
When applied to a matt surface, the selected elements such as the logo, graphics, name etc. are shiny and nicely highlighted.
You can also create new graphic elements visible at the right angle to enrich the design.
Thanks to this you can apply varnished backgrounds, "watermarks", patterns, textures, etc.


Called concave stamping or debossing. It consists of imprinting fonts or other graphics prepared on metal matrices. A very old method.
Originally used only for printing - now most often for debossing in thick paper.
It is currently experiencing his second youth because of the many new papers that have become available and the renaissance interest in the "vintage" style.
The most interesting of the new materials is the cotton paper we use, which is very interesting to the touch and is so "plump" that you can easily imprint on it various patterns.


Neutrals Colours

- Black
- Silver Glossy
- Silver Matt

Gold Colours

- Standard Gold
- Gold White
- Deep Gold
- Gold Red
- Gold Matt

Reddish Colours

- Standard Red
- Orange
- Bronze
- Brown

Green/Blue Colours

- Emerald Green
- Sky Blue
- Cobalt Blue
- Purple Blue
- Violet




Specify the choice in the message.

- No (I'll provide proper design)
- Yes (I order design too)

If it isn't specified we assume that you'll provide us the graphics to print.


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